Dec 9, 2012

RecordBeater - Music matching your steps

RecordBeater detects your running rhythm and plays music with a matching rhythm. Experience the feeling of running "in the zone" - when the beats from the music matches your cadence!

RecordBeater is just updated with a new design, and from the same release it is now also free. Enjoy running with RecordBeater.

Top features
The purpose of RecordBeater is to motivate you to run faster by running to music matching your steps. Available on the Android Market.

Running music
Looking for good running music? Read here!

User reviews
  • Makes pacing yourself easy. Never realised the effect high paced music has on my ability to push myself. (Rikke Salbøl)
  • I am new at running, but this app has motivated me getting started. Super cool with bpm features. (Brisling)
  • Super program incredibly easy. (handsen.lund)  
  • I paid for CardioTrainer, i paid for Runkeeper. One run with @recordbeater made me realize i wasted my money. (...) (RecordBeater) is so many levels above what's out there now (WhoHasTheRuns)
  • Recordbeater (...) automatically ajusts the music so it follows your pace. A quite brilliant feature, so you don't need to fiddle with the phone while you are running. (...) At our test run Recordbeater worked almost flawlessly ()


  1. Would love to use this one my Windows Phone... Hint... :-)


RecordBeater - Music matching your steps

Run to the beat - RecordBeater for Android detects your running cadence and plays music with a matching rhythm. Read more...