Mar 1, 2012

Find music for RecordBeater

RecordBeater will play the music stored on your phone. You can workout to your own existing music - or you can download free workout mixes.

Find new music
A normal running pace is typically 150-180 steps pr min. Your music must have the same or the half number of beats pr min (BPM) to match your run (That is 75-90 and 150-180 BPM). If you don't have music at this pace check out music libraries like:

Or try these fixed BPM workout music podcasts:
  • Steve Boyett,
    • Non stop house, dance, trance mixes
    • 130 - 180 BPM in 1 BPM resolution. 
    • Go for the fixed BPM mixes. 
  • Deekron "The Fitness DJ"
    • High energy non-stop dance music mixes 
    • 130 - 180 BPM in 5 BPM resolution.
    • Go for the fixed BPM mixes.
  • Step to the Beat
    • Non stop dance music mixes
    • 122 - 165 BPM in 2-5 BPM resolution.
    • Go for the fixed BPM mixes.

Transfer music to your phone
    1. Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable.
    2. On your phone: Specify that you want to copy files between your computer and your phone.
    3. On your computer: Copy your music to a folder on the SD Card of your phone.
    4. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
    5. (Optional) Specify your music folder in Settings in RecordBeater: Settings > Music folder > Select your folder with running music.
    Analyse your music (optional)
    RecordBeater will automatically try to detect the beat-per-minute (BPM) of your songs using the EchoNest music library and the Artist and Title ID-tags in the music files.

    If you don't have Artist and Title ID-tags on your music or if EchoNest don't have your music in there library, then RecordBeater can not determine the tempo automatically. Instead you can manually analyse your music with a beat per minute analyser like MixMeister BpmAnalyzer. It is easy!
    1. Download MixMeister BpmAnalyzer (free) to a fast computer.
    2. Drag and drop your music files (WMA and MP3) into the main windows. MixMeister will then automatically analyse your music and write the BPM to the ID3 tags of the music.
    3. When your music is BPM analysed copy it from the computer to a folder on your phones SD Card (using the USB cable).
    4. Disconnect your phone from the computer
    5. (Optional) Specify the folder in Settings in RecordBeater: Settings > Music folder > Select your folder with running music. That's it.
    You can always force RecordBeater to rescan your music library just by renaming the music folder on your phone. This can be to your help if you just have analysed your music library using MixMeister BpmAnalyser, and want to be sure at RecordBeater uses these BPM values instead of those from EchoNest.

    Automatically match your steps/min
    BeatFit is a unique feature of RecordBeater. With BeatFit your step-per-min (aka cadence) is detected automatically and music matching this rhythm is played. We recommend you have a wide range of music with BPM from 130 to 180. This will allow RecordBeater to switch between different music according to your current running rhythm!

    Otherwise, your can set up RecordBeater to only play music with a fixed BPM. Just specify this in the "Steps-per-min settings". In this case, you only need one or more mixes or songs with this BPM.

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    1. Hi. Every time I open Recordbeater, it analyses the 6000+ songs on my phone. Every time. To get anything meaningful I have to open the app and watch it analyse the songs for 10-20 minutes before I can use it. Every time.


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